Character Personality Analysis GO! Miles Edgeworth, the archetypal INTJ.

Badassity in Pink

Court is in session for the trial of Miles Edgeworth, accused of Third-Degree INTJ behaviour.

 There seems to be a bit of debate between MBTI aficionados of the personality type of Miles Edgeworth. Although there is almost a unanimous agreement in most places that Miles is an INTJ, there are those who hold dear to the thought that he is an ISTJ. I’d like to examine facets of his behavior to prove that Miles Edgeworth is indeed an INTJ.

“Gee, have you nothing better to do than to write extensive analysis of the MBTI types of fictional beings?” you may ask.

…And the answer to that right now is a resounding ‘No.’ It is midnight, and rendering High Definition video in After Effects tends to mercilessly rape your system resources for hours on end resulting in Notepad being the only thing you can effectively use without wanting to kick puppies.

That being said, the Prosecution is ready, Your Honor.

Who is Miles Edgeworth?

Miles Edgeworth is the anti-hero of the Ace Attorney series – a prim, proper, perfectionist prosecutor of utmost faggatory proportions.  A famed dillywag from Los Japangeles (No, seriously, Capcom, who are you trying to kid?), and once the main antagonist, he was as such considered the ‘Demon Prosecutor,’ being described as ‘cold,’ ‘ruthless,’ and vying to do anything for a guilty verdict to sustain his perfect record.

Miles exhibits numerous classic INTJ characteristics. Now, I am confident that I am not biased considering the fact that I am an INTJ and a massive fan of Miles Edgeworth, thus perhaps leading others to think that I would want him in my sphere of existence, but just about every aspect of his personality points him to being the archetypal INTJ. Hell, I would not be surprised if it were revealed that the character of Miles Edgeworth was constructed upon the INTJ profile.


Let us look at some classic quotes of his.

“Say something, Wright. I am not good at small talk.” (Disdain for small talk = Typical INTJ characteristic.)

To Wright: “First last year’s trial and now this one. It seems all you do is worry about me.
…To be honest, you’re getting on my nerves.”

Gumshoe: Well, everyone knows that you are quite popular with the ladies, sir… Maybe she’s an old girlfriend that you sent to Dumpsville when you were younger.
Edgeworth: D-Detective! Where did you hear such nonsense from!?
Gumshoe: I didn’t hear it from anyone. It’s just sorta how I imagine you to be… sir.
Edgeworth: (…D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?)

It goes without saying that many INTJs tend to not be very interested in romantic matters. A relationship-obsessed INTJ is an oxymoron. I am not going to sit here and overgeneralize the romantic matters of the INTJ, as there tend to be great variations therein (I’ve seen those who spurn the idea of romance and sexual matters – such as I, I suppose – due to not giving a crap, and I’ve met others who enjoy casual sexual encounters… due to not giving a crap.) But one thing is almost certain across the board – we treat mate-selection as a science. We know almost exactly what we like and can quickly gauge the other person’s capabilities based on our set standards (which tend to be so impossibly high that perhaps not even we can reach them) and when they are not met, they’re irrevocably played on Platonic Mode and thereby B& from our romantic userbase. No flirting. No fun. No frolic (or, very minimal, anyway). If someone doesn’t meet the standards, we’re not interested. No ifs, ands, or buts. They can just GTFO.


Edgey and the Oldbaguettes

Not only does Miles not explicitly express interest in the bajillions of lady-leeches who want nothing more than to suck his …blood, he seems oblivious of their affections and intent, as indicated above.  Now, I don’t see how that’s possible. When a crap-ton of suitors are overwhelming you with romantic attention all at once, it’s really difficult to be oblivious of it. In any case, I can easily see Miles as a demisexual. That’s my personal opinion, though. Meaning, it appears that Miles only wishes to be closely associated with those who he hold to high regard – which are not very many. A demisexual is not generally interested in romantic/sexual affairs unless there is the rare occasion in which someone really, truly stands out in their eyes. And although I love me some Feenie/Edgey many wish to speculate otherwise, I can see that theory holding the most water for Edgeworth.

Forgive me as a digress a little. It brings me to another point.

Phoenix Wright claims to know the true Edgeworth more than anyone, suggesting that Edgeworth regularly employs a facade in order to secure his repute. Phoenix’s aspiration of becoming a defense attorney was attributed to him hoping to once again reunite with Edgeworth in order to save him, and he claims that he is the only one to know how. So, Phoenix, in his fit of Spurned Girlfriend Syndrome, becomes a defense attorney and finally encounters Edgeworth 15 years later. Extreme much, Phoenix?

(To which based on this, Phoenix can most definitely be classified as an ‘F’-type.)

Edgeworth is known to backlash defensively concerning perceived attacks to his competence, displaying an air of confidence that can more-or-less be perceived as arrogance. Okay, perhaps he is arrogant. But that’s okay, because he can be. On more than one occasion, prior to Phoenix saying anything, Edgeworth immediately and accusatorily badgers Wright to ‘Laugh at [him]. Go ahead, laugh at the fallen attorney. Why aren’t you laughing?!’ And on at least two occasions, Phoenix alludes to the possibility of Edgeworth going off to cry. He keeps his undying love for the Steel Samurai (and possibly other things) in the closet  to prevent risking defamation. You see, INTJs are not devoid of sentiment as we are stereotypically portrayed to be…we are just very, very good at concealing it. That, and we do commonly possess less feelings than the average person.  So, anyway. It goes to show that whenever it comes to his reputation and attacks on his competence and intellect, Edgeworth can become exceedingly and irrationally defensive.

Edgeworth: (in custody) So…you’ve come to laugh at the fallen attorney. Well? Why aren’t you laughing?
Maya: Nick…should we be laughing?
Phoenix: Nah. It’s a trick. Laugh and he’ll get mad…or burst into tears. Edgeworth…we don’t have so much free time we can spend it coming down here to laugh at you.
Edgeworth: …Yes you do.
Phoenix: (Actually, he’s right)

He once said, “I am a man of Science,” expressing his disdain for the illogical and intangible. It is no secret that Miles has a preference of rationality and truth above all. Miles does not easily buy into metaphysical claptrap that his defense counterparts regularly indulge in. While Phoenix can look into the deceptive hearts of others with his glowy-magatama-thing, and Apollo can detect unease in liars with his supernatural gaycelet, Miles Edgeworth’s special power is ‘logic.’ Logic! His special power is using his brain for crying out loud. And his weapon is a chessboard. A ‘Strategist’ if I ever saw one.

Why Miles Edgeworth is NOT an _ _ _ _.

Somewhere I read someone describing Miles as an ENTJ.

Excuse me?! An ‘E?’ Miles? Extroverted? I will not deign to further this nonsense with a response.

Others have likened Miles to being an ISTJ. Being only one letter off, of course he will exhibit many of the characteristics of an ISTJ. But there are some contradictions in this analysis, Your Honor. Let us start by comparing the fundamental basics of each personality type.

The NT temperament is referred to as the ‘Intellectual’ temperament.

“INTJs are natural leaders, although they usually choose to remain in the background until they see a real need to take over the lead.”

The SJ temperament is referred to as the ‘Protector’ temperament.

“ISTJs are very loyal, faithful, and dependable. They place great importance on honesty and integrity. They are “good citizens” who can be depended on to do the right thing for their families and communities.”
Now, there are some qualities here that just doesn’t sit very well with Edgeworth. Even though he is moving more towards the ‘good citizen’ and is not nearly as anal-retentive about his ‘perfect win record,’ he still seems barely concerned about the welfare of others (save for the rare instance of him chartering an overnight, private jet to come to Wright’s aid which he sort of regretted anyway). In other words, I believe our tea-drinking strategist definitely appears to be more of the ‘Intellectual’ than ‘Protector’ temperament.
I think it is about high time to wrap up this case.
Based on above testimonies above, I hereby declare Miles Edgeworth…
Of being a prissy, perfectionist, undersexed INTJ. 
Cue random confetti!! Wtf kind of courtroom is this, anyway?

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